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    PDF Viewing




      I do not know where else to put this. I am currently running Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1 (with plans to go to SP2). I use the most recent version of Adobe Reader and have recently purchased Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.


      When I view PDF files on my desktop, which runs Vista Ultimate 32bit, I am able to see the front cover (or first page) of the PDF file in miniature (the actual picture of the book).


      I recently did a full system recovery on my laptop, which runs the 64bit, and I am not able to see the first page (or front cover) of the pdf document in miniature. I can only see the default PDF icon picture.  Is there a setting I can change. Being able to see the picture of the book (or first page) is beneficial and a time saver for me. I upgraded the laptop from windows xp pro sp3, which did not show the pictures either. I have a 32bit version of the same operating system for the laptop, but I do not want to install it. I get better performance using the 64bit.


      As always, any suggestions and assistance will be greatly appreciated.





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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try this:

          In Windows Explorer
          >Organize - Folder & Search options - View
          > uncheck [ ] Always show icons, never thumbnails
          > ok

          Or try this:

          You can try repairing adobe reader installation by going to the control panel, programs and features and selecting adobe reader, then on the toolbar above you will see "change"

          try to repair it.

          If this fails try uninstalling and installing....

          Or try this:

          in windows explorer right click on a pdf file, then go to OPEN WITH, and make another program the default for PDF, for example NOTEPAD then do that again, but this time select ADOBE READER as the default.

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            This is Jrthom12. I do not know if my user name will show it. I have been having logon issues. I looked at the windows explorer section you mentioned. The box is unchecked and I still can only see the default icon (and not the first page/cover of the document). I tried what you suggested. When I had windows vista 32bit on the laptop, it worked fine. Is there something with the 64bit system that prevents this? I am using home premium. This is not a major issue, because windows seven would be my next upgrade and the release is just a few weeks away. If I can find the solution, that would be great. The only thing I have not done is update my video drivers (still using default drivers that came with the system). I will try that and see.


            Thanks again for your advice.



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              Hi James, I use Vista 32bit and am hallucinating that 64bit isn't that different.


              If I understand correctly you want to see the first page of the pdf file previewed in explorer right? I know this is a real simple suggestion which you have probably already tried but does it have anything to do with the view settings of explorer. Maybe using meduim thumbnails view settings under the view tab. That way you should see the first page.


              But maybe you've already tried this and 64bit is different.


              Peace. Good luck.