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    Now even more confused then B4 regarding Server setup

    combustion007 Level 1
      Hello Everyone,

      After spending hours and hours Googling. I am new to Flex and would like to learn to interact with dynamic data slowly. Indeed, too much information is available online but have yet to come across the right info. This is what I have so far:

      Flex Builder 3.0 configured with Eclipse.
      Mysql 5.0
      Appache 2xx

      I followed couple of online tutorial and realized that I need to install FDS 2.0 which for the life of me cannot be found on Adobe. I have done searches for FDS2.0 Express Edition and directed to Adobe download site and when I tried to download it, I end up with Flex Builder 3.0 NOT FDS 2.0.

      Right to the point:
      What server(s) do I need:

      FDS Tomcat
      Jrun 4
      Blaze DS

      What else do I need to get going Data Services? I would highly appreciate your help.