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    Beta 2 mac os x woe


      so... computer dies, buy brand new macbook pro..


      install eclipse (cocoa),


      then find flash builder beta 2 is out, I install it - oops, looks like I need carbon eclipse, go and install that - then flasbuilder beta 2 on carbon eclipse..


      I then find that the line numbers DO NOT SCROLL...


      turns out it's a problem with carbon eclipse.. ho hum..


      I've tried carbon Galileo, Ganymede, you name it..


      clearly cocoa doesn't work..

      I'm basically left with no scrolling line numbers (that also means broken code folding, no scrolling alerts/errors/todos/bookmarks/etc).


      This is a major, major bummer.. has anyone worked round this?


      FlashBuilder beta 1 was fine, but my computer died so I don't have a copy of that, nor can I find one anywhere..


      Oh Adobe, why do you hate us mac users so much? I know apple dicked you about with the phone, but come on.. it's not my fault! ;p


      If anyone has a workaround, please let me know.. this limitation is totally ruining my enjoyment of flashbuilder on the mac..

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          C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

          Hi Infrid,


          See if this solution works for you:

          http://steve-brown.id.au/it-stuff/programming/eclipse-line-numbers-not-scrolling-on-osx.ht ml


          On a side-note, one of our Adobe teammates (Scott) contributed major chunks of SWT code to eclipse.org for the Cocoa Galileo project this year. So we're definitely committed to supporting Cocoa in future release - just won't be ready for that in time for FB 4.



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            infrid Level 1

            Cheers for the link,


            unfortunately that link prescribes I use the cocoa version of eclipse (which is the only known solution to the problem). This is of course incompatible with beta 2.


            The beta 2 is buggy as hell and I can see it's going to make my life a misery.. is it possible to get beta 1 back? The download has dissapeared, I'd go back in an instant if you give me a url.






            Clearly even beta 2 buggy as it is better than going back to the unstable and awfully unusable fb3 - it's ironic that the flashbuilder beta's are far superior to the flexbuilder I actually paid for.

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              Hey Infrid,

                I am using Eclipse on MacBook with 10.6.1 with x-code and have no issues.  My setup is


              Eclipse 3.4.2 (Build: M20090211-1700)

              and I have FB and CFB beta 2 install as plugins on the local version of eclipse not the bundled version.


              I haven't ran into the issue you are describing.  This is a fresh install as of yesterday, and I had a test run on mac min with 10.6 and that was fine as well (as far as the issue you discribed)




              p.s here is the link from where I downloaded my version of eclipse, I am sure you got it from the same location.