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    Publishing to .avi - how long is this going to take?


      Captivate has been trying to publish my file to .avi for the past 10 hours.  Admittedly, it is a rather big file (51 static slides, 45 or so w/ audio each about 10 - 30 seconds of audio, publishing at 940 x 720 resolution).  Computer I'm using is a couple years old, but still should be ok (Athlon 64 bit processor, 2 gigs RAM).


      I have successfully published shorter (10 slide) projects but with identical settings to AVI (those took about 15 - 30 minutes).  Doing that math, this should have been finished in about 3 hours max.


      It's 10 hours later.


      Captivate is not hanging, and my processor is continually running at over 50% even w/ no other applications open, so I assume it's still working.


      I'm afraid to cancel and restart lest it's close to completing.  But then again I have a deadline for client and it's getting close.


      Also - why on earth is there no progress bar?  So I can tell how far along this actually is?  (I don't count the preview screen that pops up as a progress bar, as it never seems to match what is actually happening based on the other projects I published).


      Any suggestions?