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    what should I convert AVCHD to?

    cool kell

         So, I'm always a little embarrassed to ask questions on here because most of you know this stuff much better than I do so forgive me if this seems like a 'no brainer' to most of you .


      I finally broke down and purchased Creative Suite Pro Premium CS4.        HURRAY for me!  While my illustrator and photoshop were starting to look antique a big reason I finally did so was my new Sony camera that supports AVCHD.


      While I knew AVCHD was going to take a toll on my pretty decent computer, I didn't realize how much.  That being said, so many downfalls still to AVCHD.  For starters, Bridge and PPRO etc can't create thumbnails for AVCHD.  One word from me = BOOO!


      The major problem is processing power and rendering etc.




      Until I buy the SUPER computer of 2010, I'm going to have to convert my AVCHD files.


      What is the best format to convert them to?  And what is the best software to do so?  Can Adobe do that for me? 
      My sony HDR-XR520 software will convert to high or low res MPEG2 (but it doesn't say what "high" means).   Is MPEG2 fine???  Eventually, I want to buy a blu-ray burner and release the highs quality I can.  Something close to Full HD 1080


      What would you guys do in my shoes --- FROM HERE FORWARD 


      Thanks for your time.