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    Problem with layer priority




      I have some programming background , however I am completely new to Adobe Flash. I'm a college student and I have come across a problem which I need help with.

      The problem is that layers act wrong when I view the animation.


      I have 2 different layers for 5 first seconds (12 frames per second) of the video. One of them contains a yellow rectangle which is the background, the second layer has the title of the movie.

      The problem is that title can not be seen because it is under the background. I am sure there is a way of making the layer "title" appear above the layer "background".


      I guess the answer is rather trivial, however I haven't managed to find the solution yet.


      Thanks in advance.


      Message was edited by: Xero_LK I forgot to mention that the program I'm using is Adobe Flash CS3 Professional.