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    Changing colours with same animation


      Hello there my name is Simon and I need some help with a project that I am doing.


      I have asked around and looked for help but couldnt find any. I have a washing mashine which turns gradually as an animation. But there will also be a colour swatch on the left hand side and when someone clicks on a different colour the machine is supposed to change to that colour. The problem is keeping the animation looping while having the buttons there.


      Would I have to somehow link the different animations of every colour?

      or is it done in actionscript?


      I dont know how to do it and so would be very greatful for some help.


      After this when when clicking on machine it needs to flip to the front (obviously a certain frame) and then move into another animation. Is this possible to?


      Thank you for your time and patience.


      Im not sure what information needs to be provided so if i missed something please let me know.


      Simon Thomas

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if you're using timeline animation for one of the colored washing machines, you'll need movieclips of the other colors rotating.  you can use the _currentframe (a2) or currentFrame (as3) property to move from a particular frame in one movieclip to the corresponding frame in another movieclip.