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    No Sound In Encore

    fincaman2 Level 1

      I am on about my fourth video in PP for the first three I output ed to encore and burned a DVD with no problems, the latest despite doing everything the same way (I think) there is no sound when I open Encore.The sound is still fine in PP,any ideas?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This is a post that would be better off posted to the Encore Forum.


          When you do, here are some things that would be very helpful, if you would include them:


          Details on your Encore Project - more details are better.


          Details on your Assets - both Video and Audio


          Details on how you are getting your material into Encore - Adobe Dynamic Link, Export/Import?


          Details on how you are testing, and where you discover that the Audio is missing.


          Details on anything else that you can think of, such as the brand of blank media, that you are burning to.


          Good luck, and I'll see you in the Encore forum,



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            Mortimer IOU Level 2

            There actually was an issue with Pr CS4 in which for some export setting Encore did not have the audio, while the original sequence still played fine in Pr. I think that was mpegDVD export. So as Hunt said, the details might point to which app is causing the problem.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              As you say, MPEG Audio has been known to cause issues in Encore, both when muxed and even elemental streams. Sometimes, things work fine, but then there are the other times...


              I avoid it, and often urge others to do it another way, to keep problems to a minimum. It's similar to MP3's - some work fine, but others do not for various reasons.





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                fincaman2 Level 1

                Thanks Mr wine snob I am in Spain so I think Rioja is on the cards tonight, I will go to the Encore forum as you suggest but what are "assets" in this context?





                P.S. I have to go out so it might be tomorrow

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I think that a Rioja would be great! Unfortunately, I have to finish up some opened Pinot Noirs, before I head off to London for a week.


                  Also, the main reason that I suggested the Encore Forum is that there is a main contributor, Neil Wilkes, who drops in there. He's the "audio guru," and does not stop by the PrPro Forum, except on rare occassions. I always defer to him with any Audio issues in Encore, and I would always want him to comment on anything involving Audio. He's been a bit busy lately, on some major Projects, but does manage to get by Encore from time to time.


                  Good luck, and enjoy that Rioja. I'll be thinking about it, as I drain the PN's tonight.