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    Flex Internals




      I am hearing this flex internals but not a single word mentioned of it in the flex 3 dev guide.

      Nothing useful i could get on google either.

      Now what really is Flex internals and why is it used for.

      Any useful links would be greately appreciated.




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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          I've never heard the term before; where did you hear it and it what context?


          I have heard people talk about Flash Internals; which focuses on things that happen inside the Flash Player.  I always understood they were not Flash specific.

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            lakshdn Level 1

            At some job interviews...

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              JeffryHouser Level 4

              I guess in that case it is up to you to press harder to find out exactly what they mean.

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                msakrejda Level 4

                For what it's worth, when I've interviewed potential Flex developer candidates with our company, I've asked about things like item renderers (how they work, and why Flex uses this mechanism), event dispatch (how it works, how would you implement it from scratch), data binding (how it works), crossdomain.xml security policy (the overall mechanism), etc. Some of this is not really "internal", but, e.g., understanding how data binding works under the covers, what it can and cannot do for you, is very important.