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    Dreamweaver to CFB (FTP and other gripes)




      I 'get' the potential benefits of moving to CFB from Dreamweaver. I have watched all the videos and read the manual and I love the integration with Flex.




      It appears very little thought has been put into the FTP and synchronisation tools..




      I would like to set the destination FTP address for each project (at the moment although it asks me from the subdirectory, it shows me the top level root and I have to drill down each time for the destination where I want to upload)

      I don't want to see nor have editing capabilities on my remote files by default.

      Accidents happen and I'd rather they happened locally.

      Accidentally deleting a directory remotely could be disastrous.


      When the FTP client is busy, the rest of the IDE goes to sleep.  Dreamweaver sorted this out two versions ago.

      There appears no way to stop the interaction with the remote server.


      So until all these (pretty fundamental) issues get sorted. I ill probably use FB to play with CF9 and jump back to Dreamweaver to use their robust FTP tools.  (which just leaves me with the version control issues now that I have to put my FB source files into the wwwroot of my local server). Again a real pain !


      Has anyone else found these problems - or worked out how to get around them ?



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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          R8_UK, I hear your concerns, and they're rather common. I hope I can address

          (and resolve) some of them here for you.


          First, I use the FTP feature all the time and it never makes the IDE

          "sleep". You may want to turn on the progress view (window>show

          view>other>general>progress). It will tell you what's happening as FTP

          processes are running. It will also tell you other processes going on in the

          editor. You may be surprised to find something else causing the "sleeps" you



          As for you saying that "it shows me the top level root and I have to drill

          down each time for the destination where I want to upload", again I don't

          have that problem. Are sure you didn't just make a mistake in setting up the

          FTP connection? Admittedly, changing them is tough. You have to go to the

          File view, and there you'll see what FTP (or FTPS or SFTP) connections

          you've made.


          Or do you mean that you ARE using the File view, and it's when you open that

          that it makes you drill down? Well, you don't need to do that. You can

          instead connect your project to an FTP connection (either in the project

          properties and its synchronization section, or by just right-clicking

          anywhere in the project and choose Synchronize>Create New Synchronize



          If you do that, then it also solves a common complaint I hear from some,

          that it's complicated to do an FTP upload in CFBuilder. Well, I just right

          click on the file (or on the editor workspace to upload the file I'm working

          on, such as after changing and testing it locally), then choose

          Synchronize>Upload. Bang, done.


          There is also a more evolved "synchronize" feature that lets you do more

          (including comparing the contents of a file locally to remote, which comes

          in really handy). There's an even still more evolved interface in

          Window>Show View>Other>HTML Standard Views>Sync Explorer. The latter two

          come closer to the kind of two-paned interface for managing local/remote

          files that some expected in DW.


          Of course, different people have different desires for FTP access. You have

          said you do NOT want to edit the file directly on the remote server. I hope

          what I share above helps you. But those who DO like editing on the remote

          server (indeed, at their peril) will groan that they wish they didn't have

          to do even that simple manual effort to upload: they wish that on save it

          would upload. I don't know if we can ever expect that from within a local

          project in Eclipse. It just goes against the grain of better development

          practices, and it's one area where perhaps it's a good thing if the IDE

          pushes one to reconsider that.


          Until then, though, they can indeed use the File view, which does provide

          direct access to a remote server and its files. With that, you do open the

          remote file in the IDE and when you save it, it's pushed immediately to the



          Hope some of this helps you (and others) with your consternation with CFB

          and FTP. Come on in, the water's fine. (But I'll grant that's a relative

          statement. If you're still not sold, keep pointing out your concerns.)



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            R8_UK Level 1

            Hi Charlie


            Thanks for taking the time to answer my question with such clarity.  I hope the final documentation produced by the big 'A' will be as comprehensive.


            As Ben Forta said "getting someone to change their religion is sometimes easier than their IDE"


            However, your answer has taken me a step closer to moving !




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              charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Great to hear. Thanks.


              FWIW, I will be speaking at the CFinNC conference (cfinnc.com) the weekend after next, and my topic will be "Hidden gems in CFBuilder". You can bet that FTP challenges are one of the things I'll be addressing.


              And BTW, I totally get the challenge making a change. I was a steadfast CF Studio (then HomeSite) user. I grumbled through the move to DW, and grudgingly came to accept it but still favored HS, as do many. Still, with the later releases of the CFB betas, I warmed to it, and finding solutions to challenges like this did win me over.


              It is now my primary CF editor (I won't say IDE, as that may annoy some who still just want only an editor). I really feel that it suits that audience, too. Of course there are so many more things that it adds, as a true IDE, but to switch metaphors, you have to lead the horses to water.