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    Public key

    Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3



      I have a digital ID and I´d like to create a public key and send to my partners to allow them viewing my encripted documents


      How to create a public id?


      Thanks a lot

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          Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee

          Hi Gustavo,


          • Select either the Advanced > Security Settings menu item (in Acrobat), or the Document > Security Settings menu item (in Reader)
          • Select Digital IDs from the top of the tree view on the left side of the Security Settings dialog
          • Select the digital ID you want to use from the list view on the right side of the Security Settings dialog
          • Click the Export toolbar button (the gold arrow icon) on the Security Settings dialog
          • Follow the on screen instructions to either save or e-mail the FDF file. If you would rather use a P7C file select the Save the data to a file option, click the Next button and select *p7c from the Save As Type drop-down list.


          As a side note, other people having the public-key certificate that corresponds to your digital ID allows them to encrypt a file for you to open. If you want someone to be able to open a PDF file that you've previously encrypted  using Certificate Security, you need to re-encrypted it using their public-key certificate file.



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            Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3

            Hi Steve


            Let me see if I´ve understood. I create a self-sign. After I export it to a FDF file and send to my partners. When encripting documents, they use that public key. I´m the only person who will be able to open that PDF.


            If I want to send someone an encrypted pdf, then I take its FDF and encrypt the document. My parner will be able to open.


            Am I right? ----->> According to this issue...Have you listened about any way to decrypt Pdfs without IDs...or up this time encrypt document with certification is 100% secure?




            Last question


            Is there any way to send PDfs over the web..the person is able to open (without using IDs) but not ever print or edit? I´ve experienced placing signature, certifying and password protection, but there is always a illegal program able to modify and edit or create a new pdf over that one.


            Is it possible? How could I do it?


            Thanks so much Steve


            Thanks a lot