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    "There was not enough memory" error, DNG conversion.

    PistolSlap Level 1

      I have CS4 and I like to convert my files to dng, however, I can't seem to do it on multiple raw files, because after fifty or so, I get the message, Incomplete because 'There was not enough memory.'

      I originally thought this may have had something to do with Bridge and trying to save way too many files through acr in bridge, since bridge is a bit of a ram hog at times and has cache issues, so I tried using the Adobe DNG Converter standalone application, and the same thing happened.


      I am trying to convert just over a thousand images, NEF, about 15M each.  I have several hundred gigs of HD space, GeForce 8600GT video, 2G ram, WinXP SP2.


      I track my actual memory usage and adobe dng converter has never used more than 6MB of memory.


      Anyone know why I can't convert my files?