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    PE8 vs PrPro




      I am running:

      Intel Core i7 920 2.66 GHz, 8 MB cache, Socket 1366 processor

      Intel DX58SO Core i7, DDR3 motherboard

      6 GB DDR3 1333 MHz DIMM RAM

      Seagate 1 TB SATA II HD

      MSI R4830-T2D1G, ATI 1 GB DDR3, Dual DVI, HDMI , HDTV video card.


      With that being said, PE8 seems to run really slow and is always rendering irregardless of the amount (1-~38) of videos in the project pane. I am only running on a trial version to see if I like what it can do (and I am somewhat satisfied), but have considered Premiere Pro as well. I am wondering if the application will run (process) faster in premiere pro or if there is a difference. I am not happy with having to wait 30 seconds to be able to add a second effect as the program thinks about what is going on. I watched the tutorial videos on adobe tv about pro and the system seemed to run with zero lag (albeit the computer was completely set up for the program, but it still ran very fast). SOOO.... I was hoping you could give me a heads-up before I buy either one.



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          Welcome to the forum.


          First, PrPro is a bit more system intensive, than were older versions of PrE. I do not know PrE 8, so cannot comment there.


          You machine should run PrPro with only one issue: it functions best with a minimum of 3x HDD's. Considering how cheap these are, I'd look into adding two more SATA II's HDD's. This will also help with PrE (any version) too.


          If you go with PrPro, you WILL want to make sure to update it to CS4.1. There are tons of improvements across the board. CS4.2 is about to be released, but I'm not positive of what changes/improvements will be included.


          One giant plus with PrPro is that it now comes bundled with Encore, the authoring program. It's power is awsome. Also, Adobe has expanded the power of Dynamic Link. This allows one to Import a Project/Sequence into Encore, without ever having to Export from PrPro. Also, changes to that Project/Sequence will update in Encore.


          For me, the ability to edit with Sequences (like, mini-Projects in PrE). As of CS4, one can also mix-n-match source footage, by setting different Presets on a Sequence, not on a Project basis.


          Good luck,



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