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    blocking out lines/paths for type objects

    Geo Boy

      How can I block out lines/paths that overprint a complex vector or raster image and not alter of block out the underlying image?


      For instance, I have an image that consists of a photo on the bottom layer, lines on the middle layer and text on the top layer. I need to break the lines where the type crosses them so the type remains legible, while not blocking out any portion of the photo or underlying art. I don't want to cut the lines because if the line isn't square to the type, the end caps will not align with the type. The ideal would be to use a type 'fat' as was used in the old film days, but how do I do that without also blocking out the photo? If the type object was overprinting a solid background, a simple polygon the same color of the background placed between the type and line layers would suffice, but since the background is a photo, that won't work.


      Additionally, is there a way to do this so the block out would follow the piece of text when moved during editing?


      I am looking for a solution that is easy to apply (isn't everyone), because I would want to do this to many, many files, each one having multiple type/line crashes.


      I hope I described my dilemma sufficiently. Any ideas?
      Thanks in advance.

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Geo Boy,


          If I understand you in the right way, that you wish to block/cut the lines at a distance from the (letters of the) type, you may:


          1) Lock/hide the artwork not to be affected;

          2) Group the lines to be blocked;

          3) Create a copy of the type below (above the lines) and lock the Original Type;

          4) Type>Create Outlines, remove the inner parts of Compound Paths letters if desired for the right effect, and change fill to white for contrast; this is a group, called the Outlines Group below;

          5) Object>Path>Offset Path to reach the desired block distance round (and inside) the letters;

          6) Also select the Lines Group and Pathfinder Minus Front/Subtract from Shape Area.


          Now you have the Original Type on top, the lines with blocked/cut out parts, and the artwork below.


          You can move the type round to block different parts of the Lines Group by selecting the Original Type and the Outlines Group within the Compound Shape (Click and ShiftClick the rings to the right) and then ClickDrag.

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            Geo Boy Level 1

            Thanks Jacob. I'll give it a go, but doesn't the pathfinder delete the path? I'd want to keep the path in case I need to move the type object later.



            Here is a pic of what I'm after (either of the two on the right).



            Thanks again.

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              Jesseham Level 4

              Knockout group will getcha there.


              Picture 4.jpg


              Basically, it isolates transparency interactions to within the group.  So a white stroke around the text set to multiply will not show up.  So when knockout group is checked, the white stroke effectively punches through.  Uh.  Hard to explain, but easy to implement.


              Group the text (with the stroke added via the appearance panel and moved below the fill to make sure not to nip out of the actual text.) and the line.  Fully check "knockout group" in the transparency panel.

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                Geo Boy Level 1

                Thanks. This sounds like a solution. I'll give it a try.