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    Small Placed eps files make pmd file huge


      I have a 64 page publication with an eps graphic placed on each page.  Each graphic is about 60-70kb on disk (they are graphic exports of Sibelius music scores). The remainder of each page is a few sparsely populated text blocks. The size of the .pmd file, even after doing a "Save As" is over 231MB!


      The eps files are so small I don't even get the usual "are you sure you want to put this big file in your publication" message when I place.


      I suppose I can try to go through the whole thing and re-Place each graphic with a linked rather than imbedded version, but I have no confidence that this will help much, given that the total size of all the eps files is no more than 4MB!


      Does PageMaker explode eps files into some sort of internal representation that is enormous?   Any ideas?


      (By the way, another hint that something in those eps files is "bigger" than the file size would indicate, is that is takes FOREVER to build a pdf file out of the publication.  Never saw this in any of my other work, and I've used PageMaker a lot).