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    I need help with website for my School Major

      gday all.

      Im having trouble figuring out part of "advanced full flash site" tutorial held on vlashvualt.

      I think following along with the tutorial may help.
      My problems start here http://www.flashvault.net/tutorial.asp?ID=138

      Im having trouble animating the line under the buttons. It works fine with the home button (they are Movie clips) but i cant replicate this effect for the other buttons using the exact same technique. I used go1, go2, go3 and go4 for the home mc as it said and all went well untill i tried to do the same for my other buttons.

      When making my second button i had to change the name of the mc "line_mc" to "line2_mc" because it would not let it be the same. everything else was identicle to the first button, but there was no response when i dragged over it.

      I then tried changing go1 through go4 into go5 through go6 and changed the actionscipt respectively. Still nothing happened.

      I am new to all this but im doing it for my major at school so any help at all is greatly appreciated.

      Ask me as many questions as you want, i really want to fix this. THANKS :)