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    A document of eras

    rendermanfl Level 1

      Is there somewhere someone has a list of era messages generated when using premiere Pro.


      I get a Export Erra window pop-up stateing "erra compiling movie. unknown era". I need to know what are the posible factors of such.


      The erra occurrs when exporting numbered still HD size files from external drives to an AVI format movie of less than 2 minutes. This erra also happened when exporting (burning) several sequences directly to DVD. The export will be successful if the individual sequencial frames are exported as an AVI then placed again on the time line as several AVIs to comprise the movie. I don't want double compression.



      3 Gigs RAM

      Windows XP-Pro service pack 2

      2 2.4 Gig Xeon

      500 Gig HD internal

      1.5 TB external over 3 networked drives


      Excuse the spelling, I'm in a hurry. Thanks