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    cftextarea HELP!!

    slykiwi Level 1



      I am using CF8's cftextarea & rich text editor to accept some data from users. To save it in my MySQL database I use HTMLEditFormat() to escape the special characters.  This works fine - the text is saved as a string with all special chars escaped.


      The question is - when I read that data from the database to display it on a web page it just displays it as a string - not html formatted text.


      An example would be:


      1. A users type in the words "Sample Text" with font colour red.
      2. Its stored in my database as:

        <p><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Sample Text</span></p>

      3. When I output to my web page in cfoutput tags its displays it as a string (including the tags) - not as "Sample Text" in red type



      Is there a simple way to unescape the chars or do I need to use Replace()......or is there a better way to do this?





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          Adam Cameron. Level 5


          Why are you escaping it in the first place?  MySQL doesn't see mark-up as "special characters" so there's no need to escape them.  It's all just text to a DB.  The browser is the only thing that cares whether it's mark-up or not.