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    Marquee (horizontal scrolling) Text in Flash CS3 with AS2



      I know there is already some posts talking about marquee text, but none of them really answer my questions.


      First I'll explain my problem and what I'm trying to ahcieve. 

      Currently I'm trying to create a karaoke (the same kind of karaoke that you can find in the popular game: Rock Band) where the text is scrolling from right to left. For this I need to sustain a certain amount of speed if I want to stay in synch with the music, but what I noticed is when I'm going too fast the text begin to flicker and looks blurry, unless if I increase the FPS at 60, so the text begin to be clearer. But I need to make it run at 30 fps .


      More details:

      I'm trying to move my text at 350 pixels / seconds which give me a displacement of 11.6 pixels per frame when going at 30 Fps and when going at 60 fps it give me a displacement of 5.83 pixels per frame.


      What I've tried:

      - I've tried to apply an horizontal blur to my text to reduce in an attempt to reduce the flickering of the text but it didn't worked out.

      - I've tried to convert the text into graphic to see if I could get better results but it didn't help.


      My Questions :

      - Is there a suggested speed that we shouldn't go over if we want the text still be readable on screen while going at 30 Fps ?

      - Also I would like to better understand why it's look better at 60 Fps than 30 Fps.

      - Does anybody have any suggestions about my problem ?