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    Robohelp HTML(Webhelp) Having issues with viewing Help projects Safari Browser




      I would like assistance in solving this issue as urgently as possible. I used to use Robohelp X5, and recently shifted to Robohelp X8. Things seemed to go smoothly for a while but i found that i was having issues with the Help projects when I try to view them using the Safari Browser.


      (Note: all the Projects that have been created using Robohelp X5 have been upgraded to Robohelp X8).


      The TOC/Index/Search/Glossary don't seem to work at all when viewed in Safari browser, although Internet Explorer 6 seems perfectly fine. I have searched all over and found one possible fix, but i would like to have to confirm that this could be used as a possible solution/work-around for my siutation.


      Also the Custom Stylesheets that i had for my help projects dont seem to work anymore, the project is displayed without any custom styles or themes.



      Here is the link where i found the solution, but also have copied the content just in case: Please help me with this.


      http://groups.google.com/group/macromedia.robohelp.webhelp/browse_thread/thread/b296a5cf83 189ed6


      This was posted by an user as a possible fix/workaround:


      In your output  files, locate the files "whtopic.js" and "whver.js".


      1. Open whver.js in Notepad or another editor, and locate this line of code 
      (it should be near the beginning of the file, line 30 or so):

      if(!gbOpera&&!gbKonqueror&&!gbSafari) // opera can mimic IE  or Netscape by

      Delete "&&!gbSafari" so that the line now reads like this:

      if(!gbOpera&&!gbKonqueror) // opera can mimic IE or Netscape by  settings.

      Save your changes.


      2. Open whtopic.js in Notepad or another editor, and locate this line of  code
      (it should be near the end of the file, line 709 or so):




      Insert "()" (open+closed parentheses, w/out spaces) before the exclamation 
      point (!) and before the closing parenthesis, so that the line reads like  this:



      Save your changes.


      Place the edited whtopic.js and whver.js into your output set and see if  this
      makes a difference.  I got this from a contractor I used to work with  and it
      fixed the problem for me.  The only drawback is that you have to  overwrite
      whtopic.js and whver.js w/ the edited versions each time you  regenerate your


      Hope it works!


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      Here is the scenario that i have tried,

      The Project when run in an Apple Mac based Safari Browser works great, it is a problem with only an ordinaly PC that has Safari Browser installed.

      Also after i attempted the above fix, the issue seems to have solved but i would like an expert opinion before i actually proceed to use it.




      Concerning this has there been any patch or upgrade provided at either Safari/Robohelp.


      I have attached along with the query the actual javascript files before and after changing them, please have a look at them and kindly advice.


      Please let me know if any further details are required.



      Thanks, Kirti.



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