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    Compiling AIR Dynamically




      I am setting up a Dynamic Website, that users can signup for and configure their AIR application. They can upload files, add text and change the appearance. All of the files will be stored in a Directory. What I need to do, however, is recompile the Root AIR File using their directory, thus creating an AIR Package with my generic Application configured by their files.


      Is this possible? Do I have to install the compiler on the Server somehow, and use PHP to send commands to the compiler, using the MXML files and the directory using the user's custom data?


      Basically, when the User clicks 'Compile', I will need to send a variable to PHP containing the directory of the User's information. Then, I would need to pass this value and any other compiler arguments to the compiler and initiate the compilation, and output the file. I am not too familiar with compilers, so any advice or resources would be very helpful!!


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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          SWF-based AIR apps require compilation (for the SWF resources). HTML-based AIR apps don't require compilation.


          Creating an AIR package is not the same thing as compiling it. The packager does two things. It creates a zip-like file containing the application files and it signs the package with a digital signature. The packager, ADT, is a Java program. You could conceivably run it on a server.