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    720p mxf to SD


      Shot a bunch of footage using the Panasonic Varicam 2700 (P2) at 720p at 24fps. Great camera. Unfortunately it's for a presentation that will be displayed using a SD LCD projector on a 7 x 10 screen. The end result will be exported to DVCAM via the 1500a deck. I have all the footage in the NLE. Just trying to figure out a good workflow to get this done. Our rig is lights out fast so no issues there. I should mention we have the Blackmagic Extreme 3 card as well.


      Could I edit using a BM preset SD preset (23.976), import the 720p mxf footage into that project and scale the footage to where I need it to be, edit and then export to tape?


      Would be interested to hear some thoughts. Haven't really done any HD to SD that really mattered as this one does. Using PP 4.1.


      Thanks all!

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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          The good news is that choice is power.  Premiere Pro presents you with a lot of choices.


          That being said, what I'd probably do is edit the piece as native P2 @ 23.976 in Adobe native (or BMD) and then nest it into a 4x3 BMD project and keyframe any pan and scan that you might have to do.  Or as you have alluded to, you can 'scale to fit' the whole sequence and output to your desired deck.


          Hope this helps,


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            bee19 Level 1

            Thanks Dennis...I know there are many different ways to get it done...I just always worry about quality (as we all do). I have been testing doing the second method. I had a litle time today and used a BMD preset (NTSC - Uncompressed 8-bit YUV - 4 x 3 23.976 fps). Just dumped it all in there and started going through the footage and scaled t desired size and did some quick moves just to see how it looked on our Panny reference monitor. I didn't get a chance to export to the DVCAM deck to see the footage but I'll run some more tests tomorrow with some short clips to see any differences, if any. All kind of new to me but willing to try many different methods.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              displayed using a SD LCD projector


              That doesn't sound right.  I'd expect every single LCD in the planet at this point to be at least 1024 x 768, if not higher.

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                Mikael B-MXYDzw Level 1



                I use the Cineform codec "Prospect HD 4.2.2" and I love the way it downscale and the output is just outstanding.


                The upcoming update from Adobe will solve many bugs and finaly make the realtime  engine fly.


                Cineform can make the HD to SD and the important conversion from color space (709) to 601 (SD).


                This film (720p thought but from1440 to 720p and slomotion is upscaled from 960 to 720p)was shoot on two HPX171 (I have one HPX301 but it was not used on this film)



                Just my two Swedish krona:-)



                Mikael B

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                  bee19 Level 1


                  Jim, I shouldn't have said SD. All the presentation equipment for the evening comes from an event company and I know last year I asked if we could use the 720p footage for the presentation and just burn a BR disc and they said the projectors they had (large, rear projection on a 7x10 screen) had a 4:3 aspect lens and couldn't do, 16:9 HD footage. I have a call into them to discuss this very matter because we use the Sony Anycast switcher with the IN - the live feed from our HPX500, the presention (which I'm hoping can be a BR player instead of the DVcam deck) and a CPU with graphics, titles etc. Hopefully I'll have an answer on this tomorrow.


                  Mikael, I have used a trial in the past of Prospect HD to do some downscaling (Sony HDV) and it did look pretty good as does your footage above. Since we have the Blackmagic Extreme 3 in our new editing rig, I have been testing editing all the 720p footage in a BMD 4:3 23.976 timeline then nesting it in the final timeline (we have some SD b-roll footage at 29.97). Looks ok but nothing great.


                  I have contacted BMD numerous times about their downscaling process for Premiere which I thought was:


                  -Use BMD Varicam 720p 23.976 preset in Premiere

                  -In BMD control Panel, under Processing - select output processing - HD to SD Center Cut 4:3

                  -Hit save

                  -Go back to Premiere and ???


                  Since I have never heard back from BMD (I have been very dissappointed with the support as in terrible) I am still testing different methods.


                  Still going at it and slowly running out of time.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    the projectors they had (large, rear projection on a 7x10 screen) had a 4:3 aspect lens and couldn't do, 16:9 HD footage.


                    Now that is more believable.  But it's still not likely entirely accurate.  I do a LOT of presentation work throughout the year, and while the various projectors are only 1024 x 768, it's still possible to feed them a 16:9 HD signal simply by passing it through a proper switcher first, which will 'convert' all inputs to a single standard output for projection.


                    At the very least, just make the Blu-ray and have it downconvert internally by using the S-Video output on the player.  So long as you bring yoru own player (or Blu-ray capable Laptop), the event company's capabilities will play a marginal role here.

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                      bee19 Level 1

                      Jim, I found out the projector they are planning on using is the Sony VPL-FX52 - 6,000 ANSI lumen, 1024 x 768 native resolution. I have to pull up the Sony Anycast that we use as the switcher. I'll just edit at the native 720p, 23.976 using the BMD preset and make a BR disk and as a backup, mess with the downscaling and have a SD file as backup on DVcam I guess. I have a call into the company...I'm almost postive they said because of the rear projection and the lens, the aspect was 4:3???

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                        The projector will be 4:3.  But the Blu-ray player can output a letterboxed version if need be.  You get the black bars, but that is unavoidable for proper presentation with that projector and screen.