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    pdfmoutlook error

    Sue1917 Level 1

      We are currently using Outook 2007 and Acobe Acrobat Pro 9.1.3.  The archive feature is disabled in Outlook 2007 per the Exchange Administrators so we have no way to save our emails other than manually.  We discovered Adobe Acrobat's Portfolio feature. Our users can archive their emails to a portfolio.  And then the users can utilize the Auto Archive feature.  Approximately 35 users are using this feature for the last 2 months.  3 weeks ago, one user started having problems with the archiving feature and would get:

      "you have at least one scheduled backup. do you want to archive now?


      "do you want to continue?"


      "MS Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close."

      "outlook experienced a serious problem with the 'pdfmoutlook' add-in. if you have seen this message multiple times you should disable this add-in and check to see if an update is available. do you want to disable add-in?"


      Today, another user started having the same issue.  I have done quite a bit of looking for an answer.  I just tried turning indexing off, closing Outlook, opening and tried running Archival Now and received the same error.  Diabling the add-in is not an options because the ability to save emails is lost.

      Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Sue

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          JDMAWoods Level 1

          Rather than ability to provide an answer, I can only indicate that I too have run into this same problem.  Everything I've seen so far indicates that there is a problem with the interaction of the Adobe application with Outlook 2007.  The question is, how do we get the engineers to take a closer look at the matter?

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            PJswcd Level 1

            I am experiencing the same problem on a Windows XP sp3 machine running Outlook 2003.

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              Sue1917 Level 1

              Thanks for your responses.  It appears that I get the pdfmoutlook error with users that have changed their Archive settings.  I am in the testing phase now, but when a user adds a folder in Outlook and wants to Archive, they need to set up a new Automatic Archive.  It seems to work if they delete the folders for Automatic Archival. Uncheck Enable Automatic Archival.  Close out, shut down Outlook, restart and set up the Automatic Archival with the new folders.  They can use the same file, just not the Add.  I didn't have a problem until I tried to Add a folder.  I would like Adobe Developers to check that out but don't know how to inform/ask them.

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                PJswcd Level 1

                I would hope that Adobe engineers to watch this forum and take some action. I'm going to move my people to Gmail.

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                  jonalisa Level 1

                  I am experiencing this error in Outlook ever since installing Office 2010 Beta. I have not changed any archive settings.

                  Despite responding YES when it asks if I want to disable the pdfmoutlook add-in, the error continues to occur - usually when I try to open an email with a pdf attached.

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                    homeishere Level 1

                    I have Outlook 2010 and Acrobat 8 standard. Every time I open Outlook,

                    it becomes non-responsive, then I force a close, it tries to restart, then I get the dreaded "PDFmoutlook add-in" error message listed in above threads. I agree to disable PDFmoutlook add-in, and all is well. Next time the computer boots up, it starts all over again. Is anyone from Adobe montoring these threads and taking action? Thanks.


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                      DGHeather Level 1

                      I have Windows 7. Outlook 2010 and Acrobat 9 Pro. and am experiencing the same problems.


                      You would have thought that Adobe and Microsoft would have solved this my now!

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                        pollira Level 1

                        I have same error with Acrobat 9 and office 2010 home and business. no archiving set up. every time I close outlook and then re-open i get the error.

                        you disable pdfmoutlook, and then it restarts outlook. however, apparently pdfmoutlook does not stay disabled. i tried reinstalling acrobat (which had been installed before the office).

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                          barpos Level 1

                          I'm experiencing the same problem on Outlook 2003 and XP SP3..



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                            FixitMAD1 Level 1

                            We still get this problem as well under Windows  XP - SP3, with Office 2007 and Acrobat Standard v9.4.2.  Has there been any resolution to this issue? I have disabled the plugin, but not sure why this is happening.



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                              mike_bleier Level 1

                              I think I have a very simple solution... delete the file.  It worked for me.  I didn't use this particular add-in anyway.


                              On my windows 7 computer, the file was located here:


                              c:\program files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\PDFMaker\Mail\Outlook\PDFMOutlook.dll


                              Just delete the PDFMOutlook.dll file and you should be good to go.

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                                barpos Level 1

                                Thanks a bunch for the tip.