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    Small Extendscript error


      Hello, this isn't problem that is particular to Indesign, however it is the program I plan to use extendscript for and I thought I should establish myself on this forum.


      So the issue is that I try and run extendscript toolkit and nothing happens. at all.  Neither cs4 now 2.0 work.  However oddly enough 1.0 does.  I check Task Manager and the program is running in the background. However there is neither UI nor dialogue box anywhere on the screen.  Currently I am trying to resintall the app.  However I cannot seem to find it in AddRemovePrograms.  In addition when I place the installation dvd in, it wont give me the option to select anything from i believe acrobat.com down. Normally I don't really need anyones help with these kinds of problems, but because of the unique structure of the adobe installation, I can't seem to take the normal routes I might take when encountering this situation.  If anyone can help I'd be much obliged.  Thanks in advance