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    Bindable XML not working consistently...




      I've started on an element for a game I'm developing, and I encountered a problem: JavaScript was not gonna get the job done, so I went for Flex.


      The element in question consists of boxes with items in. Kind of like a storage area. Each box is an mx:Panel element with an mx:Grid inside for the slots.


      The mx:Panel's title is bound to boxes..name, where boxes is an XML object loaded from http://pokefarm.adamhaskell.net/boxtest.xml. This works.


      What doesn't work is the mx:Image elements in each mx:GridItem. The image's source (for Item 1 in Box 0) is bound to boxes..box0.pkmn1.img. When compiling, I am told that the 'src' attribute could not be resolved.


      Any idea what's happening?