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    Here's how to end the white margin.

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      this is a repeat of a question I answered, but since I couldn't find anything on my own searc, I thought I'd repost it here.

      This has been irritating me for a few days now, and I haven;t really eben able to find an answer, so I did it myself.

      If there is a much easier, less application adjusting method, let me know (aside from using an html editor).


      So here is how to put a stop to the white margin around pages on export to HTML


      I muddled into the bowels of the application files and found the docs that Firworks uses to genetrate the HTML. they can be found here:


      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS4\Configuration\HTML Code\


      I usually default to the Dreamweaver HTML export thingy, so I opened the Dreamweaver folder, and found a file named:





      First thing, make a copy of that and name it old_SLICES.XTT or whatever, in case you inadvertanlty mess something up...


      Then open the original in notepad and search for this string:

      // close the body tag.


      Right below that line insert these three lines:


          WRITE_HTML("<style type=\"text/css\">");
          WRITE_HTML("body {margin: 0px;}");


      Save and export from Fireworks as usual.

      Add other tags as you see fit, such as background images, repat, alignments etc...



      Hope that helps somebody out.




      Here's a little more from around that bit in case yo have troble finding it:



              if (i>0) WRITE_HTML(");");

              // Hey!  the order here is very important.  We should put the call to MM_preloadImages() first
              //    because the javascript in FWLoadInit could return or cause sytax errors for any javascript
              //    following it! (ajf - 3/27/2002)
          WRITE_HTML(">\n");    // close the body tag.
          WRITE_HTML("<style type=\"text/css\">");
          WRITE_HTML("body {margin: 0px;}");




      function WriteStyleSheets(curSlices, indent, topLevel) {
          var curCol;
          var curRow;
          var prevTop = 0;
          var prevLeft = 0;
          // Prevent nasty nesting issues