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    Tech Comms Suite (upgrade version)

    lillibetUK Level 1

      I am now the proud owner of the Tech Comms Suite upgrade version 1.3. Reading the yellow slip of paper accompanying the box, it says 'Adobe recommends that you uninstall any previous version of Technical Communications Suite or any component of the Technical Communications Suite... before you install Technical Communications Suite 1.3'.

      My dumb question is: if you uninstall FM or RH software, how does the software know which is your upgrade product?
      I was planning on installing the Tech Comms Suite on another computer temporarily, until I get used to the new UI, and thought I would have to uninstall FM (seeing as I want to continue using RH on my own pooty) and install it onto the same PC where I want to install TCS. However, now it seems I don't have to. Is it just a case of entering a qualifying serial number somewhere in the upgrade installation? Has anyone here upgraded to TCS and can shed some light please?

      Many Thanks,
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          lillibetUK Level 1
          Really? Has not one person here purchased the upgrade version?

          If anyone has purchsed the upgrade version, I would be very interested to know the answer to my question.

          Many Thanks,
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi Liz

            I'm guessing by the tone of your reply that you are a bit astonished that you haven't seen anyone reply to your post yet. Please note that your question may be better suited to Adobe support. I have the Tech Comms Suite, but it wasn't an upgrade. Additionally, note that all of us here are volunteers and answer things as we are able and are as busy as you are with our own projects too!

            Sincerely... Rick
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              lillibetUK Level 1
              Adobe Support - Yes you're probably right, but I always try and find an answer in the forums first.

              You guys are all so clever I usually have an immediate reply to a question, so you've set yourselves a reputation to live up to! I didn't mean to sound like I was demanding an answer. It was just pure astonishment based on past experience.

              Just out of curiosity Rick, why didn't you go down the upgrade route?


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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                It asks for the serial number of a qualifying product during installation.

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                  JainVivek Level 1
                  The qualifying product for Technical Communication Suite 1.3 Upgrade is the version 1.0 of the Suite. Please enter your TCS 1.0 serial number for verification purpose.
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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                    Is it not the case that both answers are correct?

                    If they had an earlier version of the TCS then your answer would apply but if they only had say RH, then that serial number would apply?

                    If not, then please indicate the procedure to upgrade from a single product to TCS 1.3.

                    I am reading between the lines of the original post but I don't think Lillibet had an earlier version of TCS.

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                      JainVivek Level 1
                      Let me elaborate further - TCS1.3 consists of two installers - one for TCS1.3 and another one for Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. If you bought an upgrade from TCS1.0 - You will receive a DVD which only contains the Acrobat 9 Pro Extended installer. You don't need to uninstall FrameMaker, RoboHelp or Captivate, however, if is recommended that you uninstall previous versions of Acrobat, Acrobat Elements, Adobe Distiller, Adobe PDF Creation Add On etc before installing Acrobat 9. The Acrobat 9 installer will ask for TCS 1.0 serial number for verification purposes.

                      LillibetUK - Can you confirm if you bought the upgrade from TCS1.0 or the upsell version (upgrade from RoboHelp, FrameMaker or Captivate)?
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                        lillibetUK Level 1

                        I bought TCS 1.3 upgrade version where you need one qualifying product. No I didn't have TCS v1.0. Having tried installing TCS 1.3, I keep getting a 'serial number not valid' message. This is currently an issue that Technical Support should be dealing with, but this has gone on for over a week now.

                        I think I must have a duff disk, as the version of Acrobat that is supplied on the disk is v8 3D, not the advertised 9 Pro Extended. The separate 9 Pro Extended version disk supplied in the case has 'Unix' marked on it so I haven't installed that. Also, despite this being the upgrade version, it does not ask me for a serial number until I try opening one of the applications. The configuration of the serial number it asks for looks like the style of the new TCS serial number, which does not look like the serial number of my RH X5 or FM v6.

                        Surely you'd think the simple way to resolve this is to issue another disk to me?!!

                        You could say after the initial excitement of receiving it, I'm not a happy bunny and not at all confident with Adobe right now. [rant over, thank you for listening!]

                        Any advice is welcomed.


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                          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                          Here's my interpretation and I am sure Vivek will correct me if I am wrong.

                          I think Vivek is saying you should have received two disks. One to upgrade you from the standalone RH and one to then upgrade to Acrobat 9 Pro. You are saying you received two disks so at that point, everything seems correct.

                          When it comes to installing, the first serial number you enter should, if I recall correctly, be the TCS serial number. Later you get prompted for the number of a qualifying product which would be your RH serial number. Please spell out the steps if that is not what is happening.

                          I cannot comment on the fact that the second disk is marked for Unix. Not sure if that means Unix Also or Unix Only if you see what I mean. Adobe will have to advise you on that.

                          First let's focus on getting TCS installed and running and then worry about upgrading Acrobat as a separate issue.

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                            lillibetUK Level 1
                            Thanks Peter and Vivek for your replies. When I bought it from the Adobe website I chose the upgrade from one product option (not upgrading from TCS v1.0) and I did indeed I receive two disks.

                            The install trundles through. At the end it asks if I want to open an application. Of course I do because I want to play, so I click on the relevant radio button that selects an application to open, then click on OK, or Next, or whatever.(sorry cannot remember actual name of button!).

                            I then get the screen where you choose to open the trial version or enter the serial number. So I select the relevant radio button and enter the serial number from the TCS box. I then click OK, or Next, or whatever and then I get a popup error saying that my serial number is not valid.

                            Technical Support have confirmed that it is a valid serial number. I searched the forum and found there may be conflict with Acrobat, but the computer where I installed the TCS did not have Acrobat installed prior to installing TCS. I get the error message when I enter the serial number for RH, FM and CP. I can open Acrobat (as that didn't ask for the serial number) but I haven't tried opening or creating a PDF file.

                            In other words, I don't get as far as entering the qualifying serial number.

                            Does anyone have any ideas for me to try please? Has anyone else experienced this when they upgraded from one product (not TCS v1.0)?

                            Thanks for your help

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                              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                              Where you select to use the trial or input a serial number is where you should input the TCS number so if that is getting rejected, then something is wrong at that point.

                              Please email me offline to see if we can set up a screenshare. There is a link on my site.

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                                JainVivek Level 1
                                There seems to be a problem with the DVD media you have received.

                                I suggest you download the trial version from the web - TCS 1.3 and Acrobat 9 Pro Extended and use the serial numbers you have. You should have two serial numbers - 1 for TCS 1.3 and another one for Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.
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                                  lillibetUK Level 1

                                  I still get the 'serial number not valid' message on the downloaded version so it's not restricted to the DVD media. I assume it's a problem with the serial number. Even though Tech Support have confirmed the serial number is valid and that I am inputting it correctly, they told me yesterday there might be a batch error. I am assuming that's with the serial number rather than the DVD media.

                                  Has anyone else had this problem? I'll keep you all posted.


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                                    I am having the same problem upgrading from FM8. So far I have burned 4 hours on the phone with support, uninstalling everything, reinstalling the product, using their cleaner, ect. Now I am it is even worse because FM is now part of the TCS (instead of a point installation) and it will all expire in a few weeks.
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                                      Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                                      Unfortunately Lillibet has not posted an update neither has she responded to an offline email I sent on another issue. Perhaps she is on holiday?

                                      I don't think there is much we can add on the forum on this one. It is something that Adobe need to resolve with you.

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                                        lillibetUK Level 1
                                        Mr Kreaky Bones, save yourself a bit of time and scan the bottom of the box where the serial number, lot code and PN code, then send it to Tech Support and ask them to check it out. Also make sure they know that your trial version is about to run out and with any luck they'll re-prioritise your support.

                                        The last I heard from Tech Support was that they're sending me a new set of DVD media, so I'm currently waiting for that to arrive. They also gave me a temporary serial number to use, and that was accepted when I entered it into the software.

                                        Your problem sounds similar to mine. Just out of interest, when you installed TCS did you have 'Acrobat 3D' instead of 'Acrobat Pro 9 Extended'? If so, it is likely that we have the same problem.

                                        Let me know how you get on. I'll let you know what happens with my DVD media when something actually happens!
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                                          lillibetUK Level 1
                                          Peter, there have not been any developments since our last emails. I'm still waiting for the new DVD media to arrive. I thought I'd save an email until something actually happened! Sorry, I didn't realise you were waiting for a reply.

                                          (I'll get back on to the hotspots project soon ;o))