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    Data Connection; Avoiding Error Code 17


      I wish to distribute my form and move the data easily into MS Excel format via XML.  I am able to create a sample XML file from the filled-out PDF (an endorsed technique) but when I attempt to create a data connection from the form in Live Cycle to the XML file, I get a lengthy error message ("parse error" and "error code 17" are in the message) with a specific location ("line 89, column 6 of file:"...).

        My form consists of groups of tables, is the error message referring to a location in a table or in the XML file?

        Also, by exporting to XML 1.0 instead of some other method of creating the sample file, am I causing this error message?  A parse error implies to me that there is something wrong with the format of the XML file?  If Acrobat is creating it automatically from a pre-existing file, where would the problem arise?

      If you have any ideas or experience with this, I would love to read about it.