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    Games Consoles/PC/Recording/TV/Help/Advise

    Ricky-T Level 3

      Hi, i am asking this here for two reasons;

                1. I'm not sure where else to go seeing as google doesnt appear to be answering me, or i cant understan what it is on about with this subject.

                2. The users of this forum as video related mostly, and this subject may or may not be answered helpfully by you i think.


      Okay, here i go....


      Goal:  To eliminate the use of a TV altogether.


      When i get Windows 7, i plan to watch TV on it, of which i know what i need to make that work. This gets rid of the use of my TV basically. Except one major thing left behind! GAMES CONSOLES! My question is simply this; how (is it possible even?) do i get my games consoles (PS2, PS3 & XBox 360) able to be linked upto my PC, so that i can use my PC monitor to play them on?


      So far research has taken me to a simpe solution of getting a monitor that can support input cables of a console / TV connection. This would presumably work for just playing games on my PC monitor, but then there is another reason why i want this ability;


      I also want the ability to have control of the monitor displaying the console game via windows. By this, i mean i want to be able to do things like have a 3rd party application record the monitor playing the game and things like the sound to be recognised by windows so that it could be recorded along side the game.



      Playing Dynasty Warriors 6 (PS3 Game) on the PS3 on my PC monitor with the PC still linked to the monitor to have control over it (i have twin displays by the way). So say i'm playing the game on 1 monitor, i want to be able to pause it, then open a 3rd party app on windows, and drag the target area over the monitor playing PS3 to record it in real time. Now, because i just said i want windows to be on the monitor and the ps3 to be playing on it too, leads me to belive that the console actually would need to be somhow linked up to my pc aswell as the monitor, so that the game is played possibly in a widnow as a kind of emulation with an actual emulator if you see what i mean; the console would still be 100% in charge of the game, and windows would simply exist as a stand to show the game on whilst windows doing its own thing in the background.


      Any help would be very much appreciated!