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    CFWINDOW Usage

    hefterr Level 1

      I have a page where after the user hits submit, I'd like to throw up a a small confirmation window to confirm the updates.  If the user hits a confirm button, then I'd like to continue with the post to the action page otherwise return bak to the form.


      Is this doable with CFWINDOW? I realize this is largely a client side question but I do know that CFWINDOW does provide some pop up processing?

      I've never used CFWINDOW so could you point me to a short example?


      Many thanks in advance,

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          mjoshi Level 1



          I think there is no need to use CFWINDOW. You could use regular JavaScript for this. On the 'onsubmit' event for the form show a javascript 'confirm' dialog box. Depending on what the user clicks, submit the form using javascript or don't submit the form at all.


          Hope this helps.

          - Milind