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    Adobe PE8 will not exit properly

    ruzun Level 1

      Is there any sort of a fix for Adobe PE8 not exiting properly?  If I load ANY project at all, then exit PE8, the process just stays running.  I have to go into windows task manager and manually end the process to get it to start up again.


      This is a pretty blatant bug, that seems to affect a lot of systems.   Certainly bodes poorly for PE8's testing process.


      I know there's a utility someone wrote to sort of monitor processes in the background to end the premiere elements process when it hangs  around too long, but that's not a real solution (although I appreciate the effort to help out, Adobe should have not let this bug get released).


      A real solution is to release an app that can exit properly without hanging.


      -Roger Uzun

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          Ozpeter Level 1

          If there's a fix other than the utility I provided, then it hasn't been discussed here.  Hopefully Adobe with publish a tech note in due course with the solution - or a bugfix release if that's the only way.

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            ruzun Level 1

            I sent the question to adobe customer support via the portal.  They replied saying it's a problem that Microsoft and Adobe need to fix together, so i have to wait for some sort of microsoft update to exit PE8 properly under Vista.


            I guess it's a problem with a lot of PC's running PE8.  They pointed me to the PERUNNER utility, but I just want a real fix.  It's not too much to ask for a program to exit properly.   For now I will just manually end the process every time I exit.


            Hopefully it's stable other than that, but I haven't had much chance to work with it yet.   Mercalli does have a new installer that recognized PE8 and the plugin seems to work OK in PE8.  Under the video format tab it no longer has the AUTO option, it makes me choose upper field or lower field first, I guess HDV and AVCHD 1080/60i sources are all upper field first, correct?


            Anyways maybe I will start using PE8 more, but for now I'm sticking with PE7.  The no-exit bug gives me a bad feeling about PE8.



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              Yesterday, I ordered my upgrade to PE8 then, subsequently, read the problems with the prog not closing down.  I read somewhere last night on these forums of a prog that will fix this issue.  Sorry, I can't remember what it is called because I downloaded it and my PC instantly lit up with anti-virus / trojan warnings and was automatically quaraneed and deleted.  'PC Tools Spyware Doctor'  flagged it up as a threat.  So, I hope Adobe create a patch for this quite alarming oversight.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                If you're talking about the program created by Ozpeter, your virus program got it wrong. There's no virus or trojan in it. It's perfectly safe, if you download it from the link in the FAQ.

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                  Ozpeter Level 1

                  I tried downloading it from the server to make quite sure that it hadn't somehow picked up a virus there, and AVG (paid-for version!) remains perfectly happy with it, same as when it left here.


                  But I can't blame someone from shying away from it if their own virus checker says otherwise.  The little program isn't a mission critical thing as one can of course use task manager manually, the downside being that it's slightly tedious and easy to forget.

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                    nealeh Level 5

                    ruzun wrote:


                    Is there any sort of a fix for Adobe PE8 not exiting properly?  If I load ANY project at all, then exit PE8, the process just stays running.  I have to go into windows task manager and manually end the process to get it to start up again.

                    You are of course right that Adobe should issue a fix, and I can understand reticence against running a third party program to monitor the application.


                    But, if you are comfortable with creating a Windows Command File with notepad, there is a Vista and XP solution that uses only the windows standard commands 'taskkill' and 'net stop' and, once finished, you can kill any processes and services with a single click.


                    To start, run cmd as adminstrator (click orb, type cmd, right-click cmd.exe and select 'Run as Administrator':




                    From the command window created run "taskkill /?" and "net help stop" for full syntax. You can see that taskkill kills processes and net stop stops services.


                    To show how these work:

                    1. start Premiere (I suggest with an empty project).
                    2. you will see Adobe Premiere Elements on the task bar.
                    3. Start task manager and you will see the process is called Adobe Premiere Elements.exe.
                    4. In your command window type (including the quote marks):   taskkill /IM "Adobe Premiere Elements.exe"
                    5. Press enter and watch as PrEl closes down and disappears from the task bar..
                    6. In Task Manager look at the services tab. Lets say we want to close down the Adobe watch folders service. This is called (in PrEl7) "AdobeActiveFileMonitor7.0".
                    7. In your command window type:   net stop AdobeActiveFileMonitor7.0
                    8. Press enter and watch the service take on the status "Stopped".


                    Obviously typing these commands one at a time is impractical. But, once you have identified the processes you want killed and the services you want stopped, you can enter all the commands in a simple text file created with notepad. Once you have entered all the commands save the file out with the extension cmd (eg "prelcleanup.cmd" without the quotes).


                    Example content:

                    taskkill /IM "Adobe Premiere Elements.exe"

                    taskkill /IM "something else"

                    taskkill /IM "and more"

                    net stop AdobeActiveFileMonitor7.0

                    net stop something else

                    net stop more


                    The pause at the end allows you to see the actions taken.


                    Drag this file to your quicklaunch on the taskbar and, voila, a single click can now run those commands.


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                      white_pearl Level 1

                      Hi Ruzun,

                      Do you have grahic cards installed on your system?. Can you try updating  the drivers of the same with the latest version and then see if the problem persists?


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                        I have the same problem. I've tried the 'taskkill' command, but that doesn't close down the process in Windows Task Manager. Closing the process from within Task Manager does close the process, apparently. To force the process to close, I use:


                        taskkill /IM "Adobe Premiere Elements.exe" /T /F


                        Where the /F forces the process to close. I think that if the program exiting doesn't close the process cleanly, then you might need to use the /F to make sure the process ends. The /T is just a bit of 'belt and braces' to make sure that it takes any child processes with it.


                        Interestingly, whilst the process is still running, Adobe Premiere Elements.exe is using about 50% of CPU cycles (even though the AdobeActiveFileMonitor8.0 service is closed down). I'd like to know what it's doing with all that CPU activity.