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    Can't export to tape on Premier Pro CS4 Extended


      When I attempt to export to tape from Premier Pro CS4 Extended, version 4.1.0, to a DV Cam, the tape rolls and records (with device control) but I get no video or audio.


      I have:

      -selected the timeline for the sequence

      -the work area bar is over the entire sequence

      -I’ve made sure the tape is record enabled

      -I have tried two DV cameras, and three fire wire cords

      -I am able to capture video into the computer using all of the above

      -I’ve tried moving my project from my external hard drive to my internal one


      Still no export…….


      Any ideas why?


      -I am using a Dell computer with:

                  - Windows XP Professional 2002 Service pack 3

                  - Intel[R] Core [TM]2 Quad CPU

                  -Q9450 @ 2.66JHz

                  -2/66 GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM

                  -Physical Address Extension

                  -Unfortunately I can not find the name of my video card but this computer was   built specifically to edit video so I am sure it has one.