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    I've just got to say this!

    Laurence Schuberth Level 1

      You guys are "FREAKIN" awesome !!!!!!!!!!!

      Just finished a project that had heaps of tweeks that because of my knowledge,(or lack of ) I would have never been able to get done in the timeframe

      given. FC was my way of "getting it done" and combined with CS4 products, I'm thrilled with the outcome.


      Sure a bit buggy and slow, ( using the eye turning on/off layers seemed my biggest bug ) but for what I did in a day with beta software, WOW!!!


      This project had heaps of video files in it, and my only feature request on this job ( and I've said it before ) pre-loaders on large elements like video. Even if they are presets like the spinning gears that u have a checkbox for in the prop panel ( yeah easy for me to say huh )


      This is such a great product, cheers to all the hard work the FC team has done so far.




      Laurence Schuberth

      new media Mgr , NBN Television.