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    Deinterlace modifications




      I have one question, if somebody knows this...

      I am editing interlaced footage and deinterlaced it setting "always deinterlace".

      But is there also possible some modifications, options to which degree to deinterlace? Somebody told me there are various ways how one can deinterlace a material. So that the strobe effect is greater and etc...

      I am editing on Adobe Premiere Pro CS3


      Thanks in advance!


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Since quality is not high on your list of priorities and you are  satisfied with throwing away half your vertical resolution, why not throw away half your frames too to create a more strobing effect. Razor each frame and throw away all even or uneven frames.


          There are various methods for deinterlacing, but the only one in PR is by throwing away half your vertical resolution. If you want to use other methods, use other software.