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    How to make dynamic pdf from static pdf in java?

    Prashant P M.


      I am attaching  a sample SchollForm static PDF with this post, where it consist of student details like Name ,lastName ,section etc.

      I like to convert this static PDF in to dynamic PDF means above field should be fillable  How to do this using java program or which adobe api i have to use that should compatiable with java.

      Please reply soon its urgent.


      Thanks in advance.

      Prashant P M

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          pguerett Level 6

          Not sure I follow what you mean by a java api .....but if you want to convert it to an XFA form (fillable and produces XML data) then you can import into LiveCycke Designer. The original format has no concept of a field so once you have the form into designer you can lay fields on top of the form where they should go. There is a tool in Acrobat that will try and detect where fields shoudl go and it works quite well on your form. To do this open the form in Acrobat and under the Forms choose the Add or Edit Fields menu. A dialog will pop up saying that there are no fields on the form do you want to detect them. Choose Yes and let the wizard complete. Save the form then import it into Designer and the fields will be converted to XFA format for you.