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    Is it possible to open a directory from a Windows Projector file?




      The powers that be have decided a project I'm working on shouldn't go on a website after all, but needs to be on a CD for Windows users instead and of course I only have a couple of days to made the "relevant tweaks" as they call them.

      It needs to run directly from the CD so I presume AIR isn't a good option.


      I've got all of it working by publishing to a Windows Projector executable.  The bit I'm stuck with is allowing users to click buttons to open various directories which will be on the CD.  These are source files for following tutorials from the main part of the CD.  I've tried playing around with the various options in the FileReference class (namely browse() and download()), but they seem to be set up for use online only.


      My current workaround is to simply tell users where the necessary files are located and leave them to find them on the CD, but this isn't great.


      My forum and google search has turned up some stuff to do with .bat files, but I don't understand these and would rather find a solution within Flash if at all possible.


      Can anybody help?