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    Exporting WMV from Adobe Premiere CS4 - Low Quality/Pixelated Output


      Exporting WMV (Windows Media Video) from Adobe Premiere CS4 (via the Adobe CS4 Media Encoder) is giving a very low quality/pixelated output (especially when there is text within the video). I am using the following settings:

      Video Codec: Windows Media 9
      Encoding Passes: 2
      Bitrate Mode: Variable Unconstrained

      Frame Width: 1024
      Frame Height: 576

      (*Same as source)

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)

      Decoder Complexity: Auto
      Keyframe Interval: 5
      Average Video Bitrate: 5000

      I have used the EXACT same settings in Adobe Premiere CS3 and the quality is absolutely fine. (See comparison example attached)


      Any ideas what may be the problem?