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    TOC does not function in FireFox 3

      I am running the WebHelp on RoboHelp 7 (XP Blue skin). The TOC is not appearing on FireFox 3. RoboHelp 7 WebHelp templates do not support FF 3? (Looks fine on FF 2.0 and IE.)

      [Edit: I did find someone else on here with a similar issue... WebHelp Navigation Pane Killed by FireFox 3

      For me,

      Firefox 3 + Win XP = Broken

      Firefox 3.0.1 + Vista = Works

      Firefox 3 + Mac = Don't care, cuz we don't support :) If someone wants to post their findings, please feel free.

      I'm not running any custom scripts, so it can't be that. I will post more as I learn more.]