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    title bar bug ?




      I'm writing an AIR application that opens many windows. In order to permit the user to navigate throught all these windows I use NativeWindowType.NORMAL so the window's title is displayed in the taskbar or the dock.

      To change the title of my windows I use the "set title" method.

      For design purpose I used:

      systemChrome = "none";

      transparent = true;

      setStyle("showFlexChrome", false);


      It worked perfectly, but now I use "transparent = false" because activating this option was time consumming.

      Since I changed this setting, the calls to "set title" lets appear the windows XP native title bar just for a frame before it vanishes.

      I'm using windows XP of course.


      So, I decided to change my settings and try:

      systemChrome = "none";

      //transparent = true;

      //setStyle("showFlexChrome", false);


      The same bug occurs !

      I join a snapshot of the window.

      Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug ?