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    Bookmarks in Flex Builder Help




      My question is about Flex Builder 3 built-in Help system, viewed either in the internal or an external browser. Suppose I am browsing Flex 3 Language Reference and want to bookmark the UIComponent page. I see two options.


      1. Using Firefox bookmarks. This fails after restarting the Flex Builder because the URL looks like with the port number changing from session to session.
      2. Using the Help system's own bookmark facility by clicking the icon in the top-right corner of the page. Then the title of the resulting bookmark is always "Adobe® Flex™ 3 Language Reference", which means that I cannot distinguish between UIComponent and Container. Even worse, the new bookmark always leads not to the page I wanted to bookmark, but to the list of all packages.



      Question: Is there a way to bookmark the Language Reference pages in the Flex Builder local help content (not Adobe site)?


      I am using Flex Builder 3 for Linux plugin with Eclipse 3.3.2.


      Thank you,