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    Auto Run in Flash



      Is it possible to create an Auto Run cd in Flash without having any extra software? I want to be able to create a cd that runs automatically with buttons on the menu that will take the user to individual files? Do I need special software to do this?

      Thanks for your help!

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          Rothrock Level 5

          You can't for the Macintosh. The ability to autorun a cd was removed after a security issue under OS9 back in the 90s. Since OSX came out it is not possible to make an autorun CD.


          But perhaps you were thinking of that other platform....


          In many cases it is possible you just need to create an ini file or something like that. I can't remember exactly but I have done it before and it is easy. You can easily search with google to find out how.


          However a lot of folks have disabled the feature in windows as well since it is such a security risk. So you should have an alternate plan to make it easy for your users to start it on their own as well.

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            ипотпал-лаптопов Level 1

            You can make an exe projector that will run on  windows. The process is basically take the flash player exe and merge it with a flash movie. I'm not certain if you can load external movies this way though. My guess is NO.