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    .xmp file CS4

    pebalsamo Level 2

      Is there any way to export the .XMP files that are associated with the MPEG2 DVD files without exporting the whole file...


      I have a project that I set the chapter points in Premiere but did not name them.  So I exported the file as a MPEG2 DVD file and when I imported it into Encore it has no Chapter Points, which I think is because I did not name them in Premiere.  So for future reference is there any way to get those chapter points to show up in Encore without exporting the whole file again.  I would love to be able to just export the .xmp file.


      Any help would be appreciated...




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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The .xmpses file contains the chapter information.  There is currently no way to create the file without a full MPEG2-DVD export.


          However, I heartily agree that a method of exporting chapter information alone - usable in Encore with any video asset, not just those out of AME - is very much wanted and needed.