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    Why it should be so hard?

    Zolotoj Level 3

      Why every time I want to align components to the middle it never woks or takes a couple of days (or more) to get it? Here is a simplified code:



      <mx:VBox textAlign="center" width="50%" height="100%"

      paddingTop="10" paddingBottom="0" horizontalGap="0" horizontalAlign="center">

      <mx:Form width="100%" backgroundColor="#D2D3CF" borderStyle="solid" height="50%" textAlign="center">

      <mx:FormHeading label="Preview Law Label"/>




      where formheading is not positioned to the middle. It is shown more to the right. There are outer containers as well, but I cannot remove everything every time it's not working. I need to know the mechanics. Can someone educate me please?