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    Printing trouble with the PDF format on some printers

    What is in a name?

      We are having trouble printing to a HP 5si from one of our computers. The print job is sent, but the output is fuzzy and not as crisp as some of our other computers printing to that same printer. That printer will print word, excel or email from outlook to that printer just fine. It also print PDF documents to a HP 4050 on an LPT interface just fine. The 5si is a networked printer. I am trying to use the PCL 5 driver from HP. The 4050 is running a PCLe6 driver.

      looks like maybe the resolution is set to low, but I checked and it is set to 600 DPI.

      Anybody got any ideas? this is not the first time I have ran into this with PDF files and printing.

      OH, and it is not the reader that is being used on the offending computer. That machine has adobe 8 Standard loaded on it.


      Thank you for any help you can offer.