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    Navigation and Selection in the Editor


      There are two features of navigation and selection in the Homesite editor that I really like, and I cannot find them in ColdFusion Builder.


      Feature 1 - moving from the start tag to the end tag using CTRL-M.  This works in Homesite regardless of the kind of tag.  The tag can be HTML such at <table> or CFML such as <CFIF>.  If your text cursor is anywhere in the start tag and your press CTRL-M, the text cursor moves to the end tag.  Similarly, if your text cursor is in the end tag and you press CTRL-M, the cursor moves to the start tag.


      Feature 2 - selecting an entire block of text between the start and end tag, inclusive.  I may not have the standard key combination for this, but if my text cursor is in a start tag, and I press SHIFT-CTRL-T, all of the characters between the start tag and the end tag, inclusive, are selected.


      Is it possible to do the same kind of things in ColdFusion Builder, and I just have not stumbled across it?