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    Flash Media Live Encoder

    jonereb Level 1

      I posted over on the Flash Server forum, but if anyone know there answer to my questions, they're not talking.  I'd like to hear from anyone using Flash Media Live Encoder for long format live webcasts (1 hour or longer).  I'm guessing my fellow producers are already dealing with the following issues.


      1.  Is Flash Media Live software viable compared to an encoder appliance or encoder card?  I'd like to use this on a laptop for portability reasons, but I need assurance that Flash Media Live will work.  Otherwise I'll go with a desktop computer and an encoder card.  Your recommendations?


      2.  Can I encode using Flash Media Live Encoder while simultaneously recording an AVI or MPG2 directly to the same computer for creating DVD's?  Will a laptop or desktop be able to handle this much processing even if I set up two different hard drives?


      3.  I've been told that Flash Media Live Encoder only encodes video when using a firewire cable, the audio gets dumped.  Is this true?  Has it been fixed in newer releases?