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    Understanding Flex offerings and requirements to build & deploy


      I'm interested in improving certain aspects of my UI and I recently stumbled upon flex. I'd like to understand:


      1. What is needed to develop & deploy flex (i.e. a server like openlaszlo does). From what I understand the sdk is open source, but development and deployment tools are proprietary.
      2. How easy is flex to pickup?
      3. Specifically, I'd like to use flex to either augment or replace an editable table I created using js, ajax, html, and css. Is this the type of thing flex can/should be used for? Are there any drawbacks or pitfalls to using flex for this rather than straight js, ajax, html, css?
      4. How does flex compare to javafx/openlaszlo (as this is a adobe flex forum, I do understand that people may not have used javafx/openlaszlo; but any subjective/objective feedback is helpful)?