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    Premiere Titling Problems

    Top Branded Clothing Level 1

      Is there some kind of problem with the Titler? It's acting very strangely!
      I'm adding a long title to a sequence. It scrolls for about 30 seconds and has 7 or 8 blocks of about 10 words, each separated by the customer logo. It's fiddly to set up but I thought this would be the best way to keep the text and logo scrolling in sync.

      The same title is then repeated three times during a 2 minute clip. The scroll options are set to start off screen and end off screen, so there's an overlap of the title on different tracks.
      The base video file is AVI and my version is CS3.
      So what happens? Well, if I use the scroll bar to change the font within the Titler (in other words I'm scrolling down the font options to change it), then Premiere crashes. Repeatedly. Weird!
      If I use the media encoder to output a Flash file, Premiere crashes and won't restart without a complete system reboot. Also weird.
      I use Premiere quite a lot and I've never seen anything like this before!