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    Restart computer after EVERY crash????

    Taxi Mom

      I heard or read somewhere that its BEST to restart the pc after a crash or the problem may just lurk there....this helps most of the time but again is Very frustrating......Here's another question it was said to look at nVidia - I have the GeForce 7500LE - are they any known problems with this one?  It's been 2 months of work on and off to get a 25 minute, 100 photo slide show put together with transitions,music and titles.....on a bad day (lots of crashes) I leave the project alone for a day or so (to rest)  but I had envisioned loading the pictures with automatic cross dissolve and tweaking a few transitions and adding titles and music and expecting it to take but a day or so....would a dedicated pc striped to the bones and even without internet acess do the trick....I'm grabbing at straws.  Remember I'm a novice about pcs so just finding the specs can take me awhile......I thought the PrElements was for someone like me.

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          Taxi Mom,


          Unfortunately, you've posted to the Tips & Tricks sub-forum. Maybe Steve will move it out to the main forum, where many more people will see your post, and help you.


          In the meantime, it sounds like you've possibly got a few issues going on.


          For crashes, take a look at this ARTICLE. It might help you gather "clues" as to what is happening, and maybe even point out the problem.


          This ARTICLE will give you some tips on getting a computer ready for an editing session.


          Last, let's talk about your still images. What size are they? For a DVD Project, the rec. is for no larger than 1000x750 pixels. This ARTICLE will give you tips on resizing, if necessary.


          Hope that some of this helps,