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    Multiple signatures on PDF Form


      I need to solve this last issue so I can put our digital signature initiative to rest.


      I have attached a sample of the kind of form we need to be able to create. The first section of this form is an approval document, the second part is a closure record.


      I need to be able to lock all of the fields above the first set of signature blocks when first digitally signed but not the entire form. I need the second part on page three to be locked when the digital signature is applied.


      Right now any digital signature either locks the entire form (keeping others from signing) or does nothing (allowing anyone to change the content) based on the switch in the signature block object palette Signature tap Lock Fields After Signing checkbox.


      I know I can cut the form in half and create two documents but this does not alleviate the problem of needing the data fields to be locked and multiple signers to be able to do so.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!